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1. The Journal of Blessed George

From the Journal of Blessed George, Archbishop.
(I Part: St. Petersburg 1910-1911)

My motto shall be: to seek God in all things, to do all things for the greater glory of God, to bring the Spirit of God into all things and to fill them with it. May God and His glory be the center of my life, the axis of all my thoughts, feelings, desires and works.

I kiss the hand of your providence; I entrust myself fully and completely to Your guidance. Heavenly Father, do with me as you will. It pleases You, O Lord, to lead me along wondrous ways. Behold Your servant! Send me where You will! Like a child I hasten to Your embrace; carry me. If it pleases You to lead me along a road beset by adversity, obstacles, and difficulties, I thank you very much. I think that as I travel this road, I will not lose my way because it is the road taken by my Redeemer Jesus Christ.

Grant to me, O Lord, that as I renounce myself more and more, I may love You more and more. Give me strength and courage never to bow or yield to any difficulties or obstacles in the way of the exaltation of Your name or the progress of the Church, but that I be imbued with Your Spirit, that I would strive to bring it everywhere.

It is our duty to go where we can gain more for God, where we can save the most souls, that is, where atheism, tepidity, immorality, and apostasy abound. We need to penetrate wherever something can be gained for Christ and the Church. If one door is closed, let us break in another, so that light may enter in.

O Holy Church of God, true kingdom of Christ on earth, my dearest beloved! If I should forget you, let my right hand be forgotten; let my tongue cleave to my palate, if I should not remember you, if I should not deem you, my dearest Mother, above all my joy! May this exclamation be the incessant cry of my heart! If I may ask, grant O Lord, that in Your Church I may be like that common dust cloth which, when worn out, is tossed into a dark corner somewhere. May I be used and worn out in the same way as long as some tiny corner in Your Church is cleaned, as long as Your house is a little tidier and brighter. Grant that I may be despised, spent, and worn out if only your glory grow and spread, if only I may thus share in the growth of Your Church. Grant that I may be able to work and suffer for You, Your Holy Church, and its visible Head, the Holy Father.

Grant us, O Lord, the grace to be dominated by that one great thought: to sustain the Church’s works, trials, and tribulations; to hope for nothing in this world, to seek or expect no personal gain, except that our life be consecrated to God and the Church, to be consumed in the works and tribulations of the Church, fearing no obstacles created by the world and its powers, and which does not become fainthearted but a life that leads us boldly into action and battle for the Church whenever necessity urges most, that is, wherever the civil authority persecutes the Church, where religious life, societies, and ecclesiastical institutions are hampered.

May we fear only one thing: to die without having suffered or toiled or gained anything for the Church, the salvation of souls and God’s greater glory. May our thoughts and desires ever have this goal: to bring Christ and His Spirit everywhere, into everything, and to glorify the name of the Church everywhere!

I thank You, O Lord, for having granted me extraordinary feelings of love towards the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. How sweet it is to fall at her feet and immerse myself in prayer! Pervaded by the sweetest sensations, my soul swoons, as it were, and my body is overwhelmed by wondrous, incomprehensible, inexpressible tremors. It was like the feeling I had when I pressed Your holy cross to my heart.

Anyone, religious or lay, wishing to learn more about Blessed George, and more importantly, discover a spiritual director, will undoubtedly reach this goal through reading his ‘Journal’. Blessed George’s journal notes can rightfully be called a short textbook for those striving for holiness.
Rev. Wojciech Skóra, MIC, Postulator General
From the Preface to the Journal of Blessed George, Archbishop, Stockbridge 2003

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2. Theological Foundations of the Christian Life in the Teaching of the Founder and the Renovator of the Congregation of Marians

by Tadeusz Rogalewski, MIC

In this book Bl. Stanislaus and Bl. George introduce us to a closer relationship with God, building on the foundation of how He has revealed Himself in Christ and through the work of the Holy Spirit. They then show us how this relationship with God should be formed in the life of the Church with an emphasis on the Blessed Virgin Mary’s role, particularly through the Immaculate Conception. We also see how the Marian Founder and the Marian Renovator conceived the Christian life as filled with hope because it opens up the present reality to the eschatological perspective.

Format 146mm x 224mm, • paperback • pgs. 276, code SFR

3. For Christ and the Church

Short Biography and Excerpts from Letters of Blessed George Matulaitis-Matulewicz, Renovator of the Congregation of Marian Fathers

Code FCAC, soft cover, 80 pages + photo section, for $6.99 plus shipping (US Funds). Please call toll-free 1-800-462­-7426 (in North America only) or 413-298-3691 to reserve your copy.

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1. Blessed Archbishop George Matulaitis-Matulewicz

His Life and Writings

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2. Marianie za błogosławionego Jerzego Matulaitisa-Matulewicza

written by Fr. Steponas Matulis, MIC

Download PDF • Read Flipbook (written in Polish)

3. Theological Foundations of the Christian Life in the Teaching of the Founder and the Renovator of the Congregation of Marians

written by Tadeusz Rogalewski, MIC

Download PDF • Read Flipbook

4. Beato Giorgio Matulaitis

edited by Jan M. Rokosz, MIC

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5. Dzienniki bł. Jerzego Matulewicza

Download PDF • Read Flipbook (written in Polish)

6. Błogosławiony Jerzy Matulewicz

written by Tadeusz Górski, MIC

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