Spiritual Journal of Blessed George (1910-1914)

Read the Journal and discover the riches of Blessed George’s spiritual life.

As both a bishop and archbishop, Blessed George was recognized for his work as an apostle of unity during tumultuous times in his native Lithuania. And throughout his life, he launched important initiatives that mobilized the laity for the greater good of the Church.

Marian Helpers will be particularly inspired by Blessed George’s nuggets of timeless, spiritual wisdom in his Journal. He could be addressing the urgent need for Divine Mercy today. He writes in 1977, “We must never stop being concerned with those who are steeped in sin, those who have lost their faith or, never having known it, are wandering about in darkness, far away from Christ and His Church.”

Read the full English-translated version of his Spiritual Journal. (PDF) (Flipbook)

Read the Excerpts of his Spiritual Journal in Lithuanian here.

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